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 "I find Robots to be sexy"

Friday  05/25/04 10PM

Just trying to sort some loose ends out.  I've actually completed 11 pages of G41... but of course there is the WHY there is not 11 pages on this site.  Well, I'm trying to just finish out my high school career, and by that I mean I've got some stuff to finish up and I really want to redo most of this site, including my stuff, Weasels' stuff, Golem's stuff, etc.


Went to E3 like I always dreamed.  It was very interesting and although I have no patience to type out everything I'll just put in some of my favorites.

Most Innovative Game: Evil Genius

Biggest Relief: Resident Evil 4

Best Booth: Namco

Biggest Wake Up Call: Half Life 2

Biggest No-Show: Doom 3 (What, one video?!)

Biggest Disappointment: How small the display for DDR was, they didn't even have metal pads!

zombie out~

Tuesday 1/20/04 10:38PM

Another day, another comic...Poor KoC was dropped... Though I personally think Golem 41 will capture more people than KoC. The storyline behind Golem 41 (what I heard) seems very interesting, and I can't wait to see more of AZ's work on it. But I love anything he puts out... oh yes I do! <333333!!!x2!... Golem 41 is cute... he gets brownie points with me because he's nice to butterflies! :D


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